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RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Second Edition Book Bundle

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RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Second Edition Book Bundle

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Customize Your RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Second Edition Book Bundle

The new Level B lessons continue to build a strong foundation with number sense through quantity recognition and mental strategies by grouping in 5s and 10s. RS2 Level B includes addition and subtraction facts to 18, place value to the thousands, geometry, measurement, time, money, and basic fractions. 4-digit addition and 2-digit mental addition is also incorporated. Problem solving and place value are emphasized throughout.

RS2 Level B Book Bundle includes the Lessons, Worksheets, Yellow is the Sun book, and the Level B Appendix Pages

You will also need the materials used within the curriculum, which are available in one of the kits below:

  • RS2 Math Set (needed if new to RightStart Math and do not currently own any of the manipulatiaves)
  • Basic RS1 A to RS2 Bridge Kit (needed if you used the RS1 Level A Basic Starter Kit)
  • Deluxe RS1 A to RS2 Bridge Kit (needed if you used the RS1 Level A Deluxe Starter Kit)
  • If you're a current RightStart user for other RS1 Levels, please call us to clarify if any addiitonal manipulatives are needed aside from what you already have.

If you are teaching this level to more than one child, you will need these duplicate items:

warning-sign-small.jpg WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.


How to Teach RightStart™ Mathematics Level B (2014)
  • How to Teach RightStart™ Mathematics Level B (2014)
    Published on Oct 7, 2014 This 29 minute video discusses how to...

  1. I just dont know!!!

    Posted by Rebecca Walters on 15th Feb 2017

    I decided on this program because my daughter hates math with a passion. She'll do it, but really wants to just get it over with so she can move onto something else. I thought that 'playing' through the lessons would make her see the benefit to math and that it could be enjoyable. We've been using this curriculum for a couple months and my 7 year old has done really well with it. The abacus is AMAZING and she loves using it. A lot of the lessons cover a bit of repetition, which is essential for memory. My daughter has a great understanding of the lessons we've covered and has memorized a lot of the basic addition facts.
    Now for the ugly. My daughter HATES HATES HATES this program. I am constantly having to switch up the lesson. Most of the time she's near tears and I am left beyond frustrated. Lately I have begun testing some of the things on my 8 year old (who LOVES and excels at math) and he doesn't like it either. He cooperates through the practice and tells me what needs changed. I've ended up resorting to following along with the main lesson theme while grabbing at (ekkk) printable worksheets online.
    As I said before my 8 year old math genius has been a tremendous help, some of the questions are a bit confusing even for him. So for my 7 year old I've had to either change the questions completely or be more leading. I've also resorted to getting help from my husband, he hates the book, and ends up using only the main idea of the lesson to teach.
    I'm really disappointed over the amount of money I have into this curriculum, between the books and the NECESSARY, cant' use this book with out them manipulatives.
    For us this was a huge waste of money and I'm really stressed over trying to get all these lessons tweaked to work.

  2. Awesome!

    Posted by Katie on 17th Oct 2016

    I was a little nervous when buying this product, because it seemed a lot more expensive than other potential programs (because of having to buy the whole kit the first time). Also, we hadn't done a formal math program with my 1st grader yet, and he'd been progressing well through organic real life math. BUT I knew we needed to get hooked up with a good curriculum because there is a lot to learn about math! First of all, when I received the (GIANT!) box of supplies in the mail, I was amazed at how MUCH was in there! You really do get what you pay for! The lessons are clearly written and super easy to use. When I read the samples online, I was worried that they would take too long for my 1st grader and that we'd have to do just half a lesson per day, but in reality the lessons are just right. Because of how the activities change around a lot DURING the lesson, it keeps his attention just fine through to the end. AND, he seems to enjoy himself the whole time AND I can see him making connections in new ways. I love seeing him "get" each new math model or manipulative. It's been really fun, and I'm so glad that I took the plunge. I feel very confident about using this math program into the future, and I'm happy that we already made the big initial investment in it!

  3. So great even Mom loves it!

    Posted by Cher A. on 9th Sep 2016

    I've used a lot of math programs in my 12 years of home schooling. I'm reviewing level B that we just finished. RS is very hands on. In fact, there are very few days of doing any worksheets at all. I'm continually amazed that my 7 year old, after learning math concepts with the manipulatives and abacus, is so quick to grasp the concept that he "sees" the answer in his head. It's not just him. His brother, who has not even started kindergarten yet, just played along with us these past 2 years and he is doing complex math like making change for $1 in his head, understands place value to the 1000s place, and understands 1/4 is 1/2 of 1/2. The boys ask me if they can play the math games all the time. I was shocked when they were learning adding 4 digit numbers that required regrouping. Once my 1st grader learned it on the abacus, he felt it slowed him down to keep doing it that way and was carrying numbers in his head! All the other methods I have used with my other children have made place value and regrouping seem like such a difficult concept to grasp, but this method makes it seem like a logical thing that comes more naturally. I love that more difficult concepts are introduced early on, but they are made easy with the manipulatives. I love that instead of just teaching, you let them discover patterns on their own. That makes them approach problem solving in different ways than I learned but it is more efficient. Don't be fooled by the "just add water" programs that take less time for parent teachers. You will either invest that time now or you will be re-teaching it over and over because they never really grasped it to begin with.

  4. Hands on, involved and fun

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2015

    I like teaching math now. The explanations are simple and understandable. I plan to use this program with my 2nd grader as long as the editions are available. I don't think they have middle school yet or high school hoping by the time we get there those are out too. Great program! My second greater enjoys math !!!!

  5. Lessons are laid out so well!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2015

    I am a homeschooling mom that also works a part-time job so I have to be very efficient with my time! This math program has been the best and easiest one to teach yet. I LOVE it!! I highly recommend it!! My son has dyslexia but he gets this program and it keeps his interest. I never thought I would see him excited about math!

  6. The second edition was worth the investment

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2015

    I used Level B a few years ago with my eldest and struggled with the flow of the lessons. The new edition is more streamlined, making it easier to open and go without getting bogged down by all of the steps for each lesson.

    As far as the RightStart program goes, I am very happy to use the techniques, especially for my boys as they start on their math-learning journey. It gets them thinking so much more mathematically than I ever did. And they love the games. :)


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