High School

We recommend these programs for high school algebra and high school geometry following RightStart Math:

Mr. D Math - high school algebra, geometry, pre-calculus and trigonometry, and calculus available as live classes or as self-paced video classes. Tutoring days are available for each class as well as email help. Click here for more information and to order.

VideoText Interactive - available below. This curriculum is a video-based high school algebra and high school geometry course with short lessons and daily problems to solve.

Art of Problem Solving - available below. This is geared towards the strong or gifted math student who is planning on going into engineering or the sciences and needs a more intense high school curriculum.

Jacob's - available below. This is a textbook style curriculum with short lessons and choices of problems to solve.

Foersterfor the students who want something more challenging and who want to gain a very strong background in mathematics

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