Card Deck - Basic

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Cards used to play games from the Math Card Games book. 132 cards numbered from 0 to 10. Card color may vary.



  • Cards won't shuffle
    Cards won't shuffle

    Posted by Vicki T on 30th Aug 2022

    These cards are very slippery and stiff. I love the idea of the blank cards with just numbers on them, but the are so difficult to manage. I wish they would print these cards on actual playing cards. These rip very easily, so I can't let my kids play the math games on their own.

  • Basic Card Deck
    Basic Card Deck

    Posted by Pam on 14th Jul 2022

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I needed cards with the 0-9 digits-and plenty of them- for math games. Perfect! They are sturdy and laminated. I did wonder about having a pattern of dots on the card to show the number. That would be a nice option.

  • Card Deck--Basic
    Card Deck--Basic

    Posted by Kay Williams on 17th Nov 2020

    The child I've been working with is not a homeschool student, but a public school student who was unable to attend school because of Covid. I became her tutor in reading and math from the time school was cancelled last spring. Her reading progressed fine, but math was very difficult for her to understand and remember even basic concepts like 2 plus 2. The student returned to a regular classroom this fall, but on her first report card, the teacher commented on the math struggles and that she needed help with basic skills. I knew about Right Start Math and the card games from another family, so I ordered the cards and started playing the first addition games with my "student." Within 2 days, she was an expert at what numbers add up to ten. It was a miracle. She loves to play the games and I look forward to helping her further.