RightStart™ Mathematics Level B Lessons Second Edition

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The RS2 Level B Lessons will have the same award-winning and innovative approach to teaching mathematics as the current program. The revised lessons incorporate an easier-to-teach format. RightStart™ Mathematics Second Edition Level B will continue to advance and develop the child’s conceptual understanding of critical math concepts.



  • Level B
    Level B

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2023

    We love this program, it is so well organized for homeschool. We finished Level A and moved right into B. Each lesson is designed to build on prior knowledge. This program has been my favorite homeschool purchase so far!

  • Good pacing, self-explanatory, great support with manipulatives.
    Good pacing, self-explanatory, great support with manipulatives.

    Posted by Heidi on 14th Apr 2022

    Thank you for your research and production of this excellent self-paced curriculum!

  • Continued success with level B
    Continued success with level B

    Posted by Emily on 4th Nov 2019

    We just wrapped up level A last week and jumped into level B this week. We took the initial assessment and did well but chose to do the review lessons anyway to boost confidence (the kids were feeling a little uncertain about moving up a level). They are very happy to revisit tally sticks and tiles to review partitioning and subitizing. Now that we are familiar with the abacus and manipulative s and games from level A, our lessons are going smoothly. I’m very happy with the progress we made in level A and we will continue with RightStart’s methods with level B! In case someone is looking to start level B and is new to RightStart, I recommend taking time to play the games and explore the materials. It’s worth it!