RightStart™ Mathematics Level D Worksheets, first edition

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Worksheets to coordinate with the RightStart™ Mathematics Level D, first edition only. Worksheets include the Game Log to help you track card games played. Need one per child.

These worksheets are designed for one child's use, they are consumable and not for resale.



  • Very different from 1st edition style
    Very different from 1st edition style

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Feb 2018

    Went through 1st Edition Levels A,B,C,D,E smoothly. Loved them. Level F has a different style. I do not know if it the style of the 2nd Editions or if is just how Level F was written. It seems like this level was written for a classroom educator as opposed to a homeschooler. The way it is set up and written on the page is heavy in hand holding. EVERYTHING is explicitly written out. Much more wordy now. We didn't like seeing so much review at the beginning of the Level. Never before have we seen SO much review at the beginning. It does not pick up where E leaves off. Currently on Lesson 50 and going to keep going with it. I am not wanting to try something else at this point. Overall, Level F has a much different feel from the rest of the 1st edition levels.