RightStart™ Mathematics Level E Lessons Second Edition

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The RS2 Level E lessons works with multiplication of multi-digit numbers by two-digits, division of multi-digits by a single digit, and equivalent and mixed number fractions. It also works with prime numbers, factors, decimals to the hundredths, and percents. Algebraic concepts are introduced and problem solving is emphasized throughout. In geometry they study classification of triangles and polygons, symmetry, reflections, angle measurement, and work with 3-dimensional figures. Measurement, elapsed time, distance, money and capacity problems are explored.

They will need the RS2 Math Set as well for this level. A copy of the Objectives, Table of Contents and sample lessons, can be found here.


Review lessons are included for a child beginning with the RightStart™ program.

  • Great math curriculum!
    Great math curriculum!

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2020

    I highly recommend this math curriculum! Easy to teach and great content.