RightStart™ Mathematics Level F Worksheets Second Edition

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These worksheets are designed for a single child's use. Photocopies may be made for that child's use. The worksheets are consumable and not for resale.


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    Math D-F

    Posted by Kim Swords on 10th Nov 2021

    I've loved Rightstart. I can really feel the Montessori influence, and I appreciate that it moves from concrete to abstract. It's built in such as way that kids understand the concepts before they start applying algorithms. It also allows the child to use self discovery of concepts and principles. As we get into the higher levels., I'm finding that it starts jumping around too much. In level D, I had to use another program to work on mulltiplication facts. Level D just went through them too quickly and then moves on as if they have them down. In level E, I started noticing even more that new skills would be introduced one after the other without enough practice to solidify the child with it. Those same shaky skills would then combine with previous concepts in ensuing lessons. It's leading to frustration. I spoke recently to another homeschool parent who said to me that Rightstart becomes scattered after a certain point. I have to agree.