RightStart™ Mathematics Level G Second Edition Book Bundle

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ZK1,768.03 - ZK6,854.50

Learn middle school mathematics hands-on and visually using a geometric approach. With a drawing board, T-square, triangles, compass, and goniometer, the student explores fractions, area, ratios, angles, Pythagorean theorem, and square roots. Circles, pi, arcs, along with reflections, rotations, and symmetry are taught all the while practicing arithmetic, fractions, and decimals. Some algebraic concepts are introduced. The history of mathematics is woven throughout the lessons. Daily card games are included in the lessons. Students work independently. No prior work with RightStart Math is necessary to complete this level.

RS2 Level G Book Bundle includes the Lessons, Solutions and your choice of Worksheets.

If you are new to RightStart Math, you will also need the RS2 Geometry Set (2GS), which includes all of tools you will use along with your Book Bundle.

If you already have the Math Set utilized in the RightStart Math elementary program, then you will also need to add the RS2 Geometry Set Short (2GS Short). This small kit will contain the two additional manipulatives needed for levels G and H that are not included within the Math Set.

  • Solid Product
    Solid Product

    Posted by MC on 25th Oct 2022

    We are all having a great time watching our son work through Level G. He seems well prepared and enjoys the drawing as well as the games. The upgraded table is so worth it!

  • Rightstart 2nd Ed. Level G teaches kids to work independently!
    Rightstart 2nd Ed. Level G teaches kids to work independently!

    Posted by A.D. on 11th May 2022

    I was nervous about my 6th grader starting this level because he was going to have to work on his own. Even though he IS self-motivated, this level provided the tools he needed to succeed. He loved this course and looked forward to the lessons. I was amazed to see him even complete it before schedule! He worked with ease and learned a lot.

  • RSM made geometry fun & informative!
    RSM made geometry fun & informative!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2021

    Our child is enjoying the independent study this year! RSM continues to break down the lessons in easy to understand ways.

  • Great for Independence and Algebra Preparation
    Great for Independence and Algebra Preparation

    Posted by G's Mom on 17th Apr 2021

    So far we are through lesson 50 or so. For most lessons, my daughter (not a huge math fan) is able to teach herself the lesson and complete the work on her own. She really likes this curriculum because of the drawing aspect and also because there are not a million problems. She likes the games too. We started RightStart only the year before (Level F), so this is the first year where she is self-teaching. I am surprised at how little I have to do. There is a lot of preparation for algebra in the work and that is mostly what she needs help with. It is very valuable to start practicing writing out formulas and showing all the work, so I encourage that. I love math, but we didn't have that when I was in 6th grade. Also, the work here is more about thinking, less about numerous practice problems. I actually think my daughter needed more practice so we did probability& statistics to start the year which is why we are only on Lesson 50. She also does some Life of Fred. Overall, I think this is a great curriculum and a great foundation for algebra not to mention geometry. I took a peak at next year and it covers many topics never studied at this level. Really outstanding, and if you decide on something else, also highly recommend the math games especially for younger kids but still good at this age (the math games can be done stand alone if desired, I used for a Math Games class I taught for our homeschool group for some 6th graders -- all of whom needed fraction operation review-- as an example). I would get the deluxe drawing board, doesn't tighten well but makes drawing much easier when you are not trying to hold the T-square.


    Posted by Shaura Miller on 7th Oct 2020

    At first I was hesitant to buy this bundle and accompanying manipulative due to expense, but after reading other reviews, I decided to purchase it. I have been so pleased with this math learning system for my sixth grade son. I love how everything is spelled out for the parents as teachers. I love the pace, the review, the games, and the thoroughness of the curriculum. I highly recommend Right Start math products!

  • From HATING to LOVING math!!
    From HATING to LOVING math!!

    Posted by Steph E on 29th Sep 2020

    My kiddo has struggled with math in (private) school for YEARS! This year, I chose to homeschool and purchased Right Start Math for her. Now, she LOVES math and actually understands what is being taught. She self-selects to do math first thing every single day and sometimes does two lessons in one day because she enjoys it so much. Being that I was not great at math in school, I was so worried that I would not be able to teach her at this level, so I love that the lessons are also teaching her to teach herself. We sometimes do the lessons together and I’m (re)learning the concepts as well!

  • My son loves the independence
    My son loves the independence

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Sep 2019

    This is an interesting spin for our math lessons. So far my son LOVES the independence of the Level G curriculum. Of course it helps that it is geometry which he finds fun.