RightStart™ Mathematics Level H Second Edition Book Bundle

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Continue to learn middle school mathematics hands-on and visually using a geometric approach. Using a drawing board, T-square, triangles, compass, and goniometer, the student continues to work with fractions and decimals while investigating volume, tessellations, fractals, ratios, angles, and other geometry concepts. Trigonometry is introduced along with platonic solids, 3-dimensional figures, surface area, patterning, and plane symmetry. Connections between various aspects and branches of mathematics are explored. Pre-algebraic concepts are included. The history of mathematics is woven throughout the lessons. Daily card games are included in the lessons. Students work independently. This level is a continuation of topics from RS2 Level G.

RS2 Level H Book Bundle includes the Lessons, Solutions and your choice of Worksheets.

 If you are new to RightStart Math, you will also need the RS2 Geometry Set (2GS), which includes all of tools you will use along with your Book Bundle.

If you already have the Math Set utilized in the RightStart Math elementary program, then you will also need to add the RS2 Geometry Set Short, (2GS Short) This small kit will contain the two additional manipulatives needed for levels G and H that are not included within the Math Set.


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    Great for Independence, Highschool Math Preparation

    Posted by G's Mom on 25th Jul 2022

    Math is my favorite subject and my daughter's least -- but we both really like this curriculum which is more about thinking and not as many problems. She likes the drawing and now she is working with the 3 dimensional polyhedrons. We skipped around a little (doing the last lessons early to get ready for testing) and now finishing our last 10 lessons. There are a few topics that could maybe use a little more coverage (negative numbers, some general number concepts in review) but really a small quibble. Again, this is great preparation for highschool math and I really get her to write her equations and show all her work. She was pleased to learn I never did trigonometry until highschool, and we still have fun playing the games. I would recommend for anyone, even if not starting at Level A. (This was our third year doing RightStart). However, I really wish we had known about RightStart earlier -- has been a great program and have now taught a math games class 2 times in my homeschool group. Great games to bring to all homeschoolers.

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    Keeps us coming back

    Posted by Calista on 2nd Nov 2021

    I’ve tried lots of different highly-rated Math curriculums, but this one has worked the beat for my boys. We don’t do every activity, but appreciate the options and enjoy the games. The simplicity/lack of color and pictures of the worksheets keeps them from getting distracted and doodling all over the page. :)