RightStart™ Tutoring Multiplication & Division Book One Kit

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This RightStart Tutoring Multiplication and Division Book One manual is about understanding multiplication and division and becoming confident with the basic facts. It is intended for those who have a weak or incomplete grasp of multiplication and division and who are behind their peers.

All too often, the multiplication facts are taught by rote, often an overwhelming task, especially when 6 and 3 was learned as 9, but now is 18. However, we now know that a deep understanding of concepts removes anxiety, lessens the burden of memorizing, makes advanced math easier to grasp, and makes math more enjoyable. 

The RightStart Tutoring Multiplication and Division Book One manual teaches multiplication from 1 × 1 to 10 × 10 including division with remainders. These lessons will approach multiplication and division with a new perspective that follows the RightStart Mathematics approach and philosophy. Lessons do not use worksheets, but instead use card games to practice and apply the newly learned information. Sample lessons are found here

The RightStart Tutoring Kit includes: