RightStart™ Tutoring Multiplication & Division Book Two Kit

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This RightStart™ Tutoring Multiplication and Division Book Two is about understanding multi-digit multiplication, short division, and long division with the end goal of becoming confident with these processes and applications. It is intended for those who have a weak or incomplete grasp of multi-digit multiplication and multi-digit division, and who are two or more grade levels behind. 

We know that a deep understanding of concepts removes anxiety, lessens the burden of memorizing, makes advanced math easier to grasp, and makes math more enjoyable.  It does not matter if the student is 12 or 112 years old; these lessons will approach multi-digit multiplication and multi-digit division with a new perspective that follows the RightStart Mathematics approach and philosophy. 

The Cotter Abacus will be used to show how and why the traditional algorithm works. It will not become a crutch; rather, the student will physically maneuver the beads on Side 2 of the abacus, making the processes concrete.

Multiple approaches will be presented to solve multiplication and division problems. One strategy might become the student’s favorite, but the next day’s strategy could be even better. Multiple approaches give the student additional perspectives to expand their understanding.



The RightStart Tutoring Kit includes: