Worksheets for the AL Abacus

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These worksheets provide math practice while using the AL abacus. Drawings demonstrate the use of the abacus for each new topic. Correlates exactly with Activities for the AL Abacus. May be reproduced for a class or a family.



  • It gives a Right Start in math, but still allows us to go off-script
    It gives a Right Start in math, but still allows us to go off-script

    Posted by CRD on 28th Jul 2018

    We enjoyed the foundation from first edition Levels A and B, but my oldest needed a faster pace than the scripts allowed. We switched to the workbook and Activities for AL Abacus book, still playing all the amazing games. She flew through it in 2 years! Seeing how math-minded this curriculum helped my older kids, we buy a new workbook as soon as they grasp counting/recognizing on the abacus, typically K-2nd grade. Highly recommend!

  • Would recommend getting this from the get go!
    Would recommend getting this from the get go!

    Posted by CS on 23rd Mar 2016

    I have been a RS Math user for a few years now. I switched mid-stream from another curriculum because I couldn't get out of my mind the recommendation of RS from a friend of mine. I knew there had to be a better and easier way, hopefully more fun too. I wish I would have started at the beginning with RS math with my oldest but we have had a great journey jumping in at RS Level C. I have 4 other children who are enjoying RS as well, thank you RS Math and glory to the Lord Jesus for directing me to your products. I am thrilled with the card games, abacus approach and how math makes more sense to me than ever before. Therefore, I am a better teacher. The only thing I often wished for was pre-written worksheets for the review section at the beginning of each lesson. Well, know I discovered the worksheet book here and it has been such a time saver. I just flip to the section that my children need to work on and slip on a worksheet extender page protector (Amazon) and they do the sheet with a dry erase marker. I wish I had known about this book to begin with! It would have made my life so much easier. If you are not sure whether to get it or not, I would highly recommend's worth the $$. :)