Chemistry Card Game Kit

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Michelle Clark, college professor from Johnson County Community College, has joined forces with Dr. Joan A. Cotter to create chemistry card games! These games are for high school students, college students, as well as for advanced middle-school students.

Math literacy is fundamental to student success in chemistry courses. Chemistry students of all ages benefit from a review of basic mathematical operations, as well as a reframing of math itself. Research demonstrates that student difficulties in chemistry do not arise from the application of math to chemistry, but rather the students’ underlying mathematical deficits before enrolling in chemistry. In other words, without a good mathematics foundation, many students find chemistry challenging to learn. Fresh and fun games enable these students to not only succeed with the mathematics in chemistry, but to enjoy using math to solve chemistry problems.

Chemistry Card Games was created with many of the same underlying foundational concepts used in Math Card Games, the games used in the RightStart™ Math curriculum.