Cotter Abacus Junior

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Cotter Abacus Junior is Made in the USA!* This 5.8" x 5.2" (14.732 cm x 13.208 cm) plastic abacus is grouped in 5s and 10s to encourage quantity recognition and visualization. On one side the child performs basic operations and learns strategies for mastering the facts. On the reverse side, trading is emphasized.

  • My kids' favorite abacus
    My kids' favorite abacus

    Posted by Jennifer Combs on 11th Apr 2022

    After using the regular size abacus, it looks like a doll abacus – maybe its cuteness is part of why both my daughters prefer it. :) Their little fingers can move the little beads, but an adult or older child would probably use a pencil more effectively. It's smaller footprint is very convenient

  • Price

    Posted by 3rd Grade Teacher on 23rd Nov 2020

    Just wish it was a couple dollars less expensive so it would be more reasonable to buy a class set.

  • Great!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2020

    My son loves the smaller size. İt works great and is much easier to take with us when we're on the go

  • Awesome little Abacus.
    Awesome little Abacus.

    Posted by Evie on 11th Sep 2019

    This abacus is perfect for my 8 year old. She likes that it is smaller and easier to keep handy.