RightStart™ Mathematics Level D Worksheets Second Edition

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These worksheets are designed for a single child's use. Photocopies may be made for that child's use. The worksheets are consumable and not for resale.

  • level D worksheets
    level D worksheets

    Posted by Kathleen Shah on 20th Feb 2024

    This has been our favorite level of right start thus far! My 3rd grade son loves the games and the worksheets are just the right amount of problems where he can manage them and not become overwhelmed at having so much work to do. Level D has reminded our love for Right Start Math curriculum.

  • Excellent foundation
    Excellent foundation

    Posted by VW on 1st Sep 2022

    This is our third year using RightStart. My older son started in Level D when we began homeschooling, and my younger son is now starting Level D after completing Levels A through C. Both of them took the MAP Growth assessment over the summer, and both scored in the 98th percentile in math for their respective grades thanks to the excellent foundation RightStart helped them build. In particular, my older son was able to reason through some problems that covered concepts he's not yet learned (like exponents) and make an educated guess. I also love the fact that there is no "busy work" in RightStart. While it may take more of my time when we have math games to play, the results are very much worth it.

  • Helpful resource
    Helpful resource

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2022

    The workbook is a helpful resource as we work through Level D. My son actually enjoys doing the worksheets and doing his math!

  • Math

    Posted by Krd on 10th Feb 2021

    I love this program so much, we're now on 8th grade and 4th, my kids have done this since the beginning and it's easy to teach!!