RightStart™ Mathematics Level E Worksheets, first edition

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Worksheets to coordinate with the RightStart™ Mathematics Level E, first edition only. Worksheets include the Game Log to help you track card games played. Need one per student.

These worksheets are designed for one child's use, they are consumable and not for resale.



  • E for Excellent!
    E for Excellent!

    Posted by Jody on 20th Oct 2015

    I cannot say enough about the value of using Right Start Math with your students. whether you are tutoring, home schooling, or teaching in a classroom. I've used Right Start for 7 years now, and in all three of these settings. I've taught my own children at home, tutored using the abacus books and card games, and am now teaching the full curriculum to classes of students ranging in age from 5-13 years old. The reason I so highly recommend Dr. Cotter's approach is that students truly understand and master the concepts taught and carry this understanding into their upper math and science courses. They become fluent in math and have a solid foundation because after having worked with the numbers in so many practical ways, they truly speak the language. Level E is especially valuable simply because the practical, visual, and hands-on interaction with fractions, decimals, and percents is the most solid and memorable to students that I've seen in any curriculum.