Special Edition Cotter Abacus

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These Cotter Abacuses are a special-colored limited edition. They are only available while quantities last. They are the same as the Cotter Abacus you know and love, only now in new and exciting colors.

This 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" (24.75 cm x 19.25 cm) plastic abacus is grouped in 5s and 10s to encourage quantity recognition and visualization. On one side the child performs basic operations and learns strategies for mastering the facts. On the reverse side, trading is emphasized.



warning-sign-small.jpg WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

  • Perfect for my Daughter
    Perfect for my Daughter

    Posted by Angela on 25th Jan 2022

    My daughter loves her very own abacus! The purple looks more blue but it has still made a new 5-year-old excited to do math like her older brother.

  • purple looks like blue
    purple looks like blue

    Posted by Liz on 23rd Jul 2021

    I recently purchased the pink and purple abacus with a white frame for our daughter. It turns out the purple is actually more of a dark blue color, which was not what I was expecting. Originally, I thought the pink and purple abacus was not pictured on the item listing, but it must have been the one that looks like pink and blue. With that being said, our daughter loves her new abacus, and I love how Right Start has so many different options available.

  • Abacus

    Posted by Camila White on 5th May 2021

    We already had the regular abacus that came with the kit when we first bought Level B a few years ago. My youngest daughter is now in first grade and wanted her own abacus instead of sharing with her older sister. She was so happy there were different options to choose from. I love how confident my children are when they are learning math.

  • Good

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2021

    Unlike our normal RightStart abacus, this one arrived with one of the wires bowed. My daughter likes the colors and is excited to use it.

  • Great Quality !
    Great Quality !

    Posted by Jaime E. on 25th Feb 2021

    My daughter loves her new pink and purple abacus! It makes math a little more fun.

  • AL Abacus Pink and Red
    AL Abacus Pink and Red

    Posted by Heather on 25th Feb 2021

    Who would have thought a Valentine's colored abacus could bring SO much joy? We love our regular abacus too, but this special new one is making math time a delight! Still the favorite, even a week past Valentine's day :)

  • Abacus

    Posted by Amanda on 25th Feb 2021

    My daughter loves her special pink and red abacus and my son is excited to inherit her blue and yellow one :)

  • AL abacus
    AL abacus

    Posted by Bonnie on 8th Jan 2021

    We have a standard abacus and a special edition abacus. Both are well-made and very useful not only for the curriculum but also for solving everyday math questions. I like how they emphasize 5s and 10s and how they have two different sides. These are great products!

  • AL Abacus
    AL Abacus

    Posted by Anne Hatke on 1st Jun 2016

    My daughter is 5 and we are going to start homeschooling this fall. We are going to use Right Start math and I decided to order her a pink abacus (because pink makes everything more fun right!?). She has been playing with it constantly since its arrival, I had to tell her she couldn't take it to bed the other night! We haven't begun formally using it yet but if we show her a simple concept she has mastered it. I hate math and it is awesome to see her having fun while learning and it has already taken some stress from me in teaching her. I can't wait to order our books and manipulative set this summer! Hoping to get some more fun colored abacuses for our other kids too :)