VideoText Interactive Algebra Module D with DVDs

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Instead of memorizing formulas and equations, Videotext Algebra helps students to understand math through mastery learning, helping them to solidify each concept before moving on the next. A copy of the print materials needed for this module is included along with DVD instructions.

Moving on to Module D, students quickly review exponent notation, including the various properties of powers and operations with powers, and investigate relations with integral degrees of 2 or higher.

Module D in Videotext Algebra, this unit covers: 

  • Exponent Notation (Terminology, Operations 1 & 2, Scientific Notation, Special Cases) 
  • Polynomials (Terminology 1 & 2, Operations 1, 2, & 3) 
  • Solving Relations (Given Slope & intercept, Given Slope & One Solution, Given two solutions, special cases, Principle of Zero Products, Common Factor, Difference of Squares, Perfect Square Trinomial, General Trinomial, Four or More Terms, Sum or Difference of Cubes, General Strategy, Synthetic Division, Literal Equations) 
  • Problem Solving (Numbers, Consecutive Integers, Geometric Figures, Formula) 
  • Unit Test V and VI are included