VideoText Interactive Algebra Module E with DVDs

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Instead of memorizing formulas and equations, Videotext Algebra helps students to understand math through mastery learning, helping them to solidify each concept before moving on the next. A copy of the print materials needed for this module is included along with DVD instructions.

Module E continues with a focus on algebraic fractions, in which negative, integral exponents make a prominent appearance. Fractional exponents are introduced, which pave the way for a study of radicals and roots. This is the seed from which relations with radicals develop. Module E finishes with a review of second-degree relations with one variable, quadratic relations.

Module E in Videotext Algebra, this unit covers: 

  • Rational Exponents (Radicals, " kth " Roots) 
  • Operations (Multiplying, Simplifying, Dividing, Adding or Subtracting, In Polynomials, Rationalizing) 
  • Solving Relations (One Radical, Two Radicals) 
  • Problem Solving (Distance, Formula) 
  • Complex Numbers (Definition, Adding or subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing) 
  • Standard Form (Quadratic Formula, Checking Solutions, Inequalities) 
  • Quadratic in Form (Higher Order to Lower Order > 0, Lower Order to Higher Order > 0, Integer Order < 0 ) 
  • Problem Solving (Geometric Figures, Pythagorean Theorem, Work, Motion) 
  • Unit Tests VII and VIII included