VideoText Interactive Algebra Module F with DVDs

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Instead of memorizing formulas and equations, Videotext Algebra helps students to understand math through mastery learning, helping them to solidify each concept before moving on the next. A copy of the print materials needed for this module is included along with DVD instructions.

Module F continues with second-degree relations with two variables, Conic Sections. The study of Algebra is completed by examining the variable, or placeholder.

Module F in Videotext Algebra, this unit covers: 

  • Parabolas (Origins, Standard Form 1, 2, 3, & 4), Intercepts) 
  • Circles (Standard Form, Non-standard Form) 
  • Ellipses (Standard Form, Non-standard Form) 
  • Hyperbolas (Standard Form, Non-standard Form) 
  • Systems (One 1st Degree, One 2nd Degree, Two 2nd Degree) 
  • Problem Solving (Numbers, Geometric Figures) 
  • Exponential Functions (Functions of x & y) 
  • Logarithmic Functions(Translating, Graphs of Solution, Sets) 
  • Operations (Properties, Finding Logarithms, Computation) 
  • Solving Equations (Exponential, Logarithmic) 
  • Unit Tests IX and X included