VideoText Interactive Algebra Module C with DVDs

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Instead of memorizing formulas and equations, Videotext Algebra helps students to understand math through mastery learning, helping them to solidify each concept before moving on the next.  A copy of the print materials needed for this module is included along with DVD instructions.

Module C finishes the first degree relations with two and three placeholders. Relations from solutions, systems, special cases, and problem solving with two placeholders are taught before moving into three placeholder situations.

Videotext Module C covers:

  • Solution Sets (Equations, Inequalities, Graphing Terms, Intercepts) 
  • Special Cases (Absolute Value) 
  • Relations from Solutions (Given Slope & intercept, Given Slope & One Solution, Given two solutions, special cases) 
  • Systems (Graphic 1 & 2, Algebraic 1 & 2) 
  • Problem Solving (Setup, numbers, age, geometric figures, motion, percent, mixture) 
  • and more! 
  • Unit Test III and IV are included